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Accident Hire Car

Accident hire car how to get a hire car after an accident that was not your fault

Accident Hire Car Information

Drivers are involved in car accidents ever day, from minor bumps to major collisions. According to current statics there are around 130,000 car accidents on UK roads each year. In this article we look at the options available to driver needing a post accident hire car, and we also look at the issue of liability, both when the driver is at fault and not at fault.

Car accidents happen, one positive is that with advancements made in car crash safety technology the chances of being injured are on a ever steady decline. Now often the most important factor after a car accident is arranging a post accident hire car or courtesy car to get back on the road with as little inconvenience as possible. Thankfully drivers have more options than ever before to receive such a service from post accident hire car service and at no cost when not at fault for the accident.


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Accident Hire Car after accident without your insurance company

How To Arrange A Post Accident Hire Car

Arranging a hire car after an accident can be quite a simple task, many insurance companies offer the service to their policy holders via credit hire companies. The credit hire companies then arrange a replacement vehicle to the driver after the accident. This can be arranged to the non fault party only. But did you know that in the event the accident was not the drivers fault they do not need to use their own insurance company to obtain this service. And furthermore there can be clear advantages in actually not using their insurance companies appointed service.

Remember, It's Your Vehicle And Entirely Your Choice

Firstly if the accident is not the drivers fault, its entirely the drivers / vehicle owners choice as to who to use for a temporary post accident hire car and even the vehicle claim and vehicle repair. What is in the interest of an insurance company is often not in the best interest of the vehicle owner.

By doing a little research and selecting an independent post accident car hire and vehicle claim provider the vehicle owner can ensure that not only will they receive the exact post accident hire car type they require whilst their own vehicle is off the road. But they will also have full choice over the vehicle repair centre. At Compass Hire we always recommend specialist independents or a manufacturer approved repair centre rather than the insurance companies choice. We will discuss this matter further later in the article.

Should owners vehicle be written off, the write off value is only claimed upon the owners agreement with the vehicle valuation. Also the damage vehicle remains the property of the owner and can in some cases be repaired and returned to the road, see our article on that subject.

The other advantage of not using the insurance companies choice of post accident hire car and claim service is that no claim is made on the vehicle owners policy, no excess payment is required, and by using the vehicle owners choice of accident hire car and vehicle claim provider it protects the car insurance policy claims history. Want independent advice after on non fault accident hire car service click on this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice page for independent consumer advice on non fault accident hire cars and claims.

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Accident hire car after non fault accident

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Non Fault Accident Hire Car Service

If a driver a decides the best route for them is to select their own post accident hire car service what should they look for in the service provider? There are a few simple rules to follow to help you select the right service. 

Ensure the the post accident hire car being offered is suitable and meets your requirements, the car should be provided at no cost to the you, and it should be fully insured by the hire provider, not by you.  The hire vehicle provided should also be within 2 years old. The post accident hire car service should carry out detailed suitability checks prior to offering service. This is extremely important to enable them to recover the service costs from the at fault insurance company and ensures the service is appropriate for you. Hire vehicle delivery should be arrange at your convenience. You must also be provided a copy of the vehicle hire agreement and hire car key facts sheet been provided.

Once you receive the post accident hire car you should keep the vehicle until your own vehicle is fully repaired and returned to you. Or in the event that your own vehicle was written off in the accident the hire car should remain with you until you have received cleared funds in relation to your vehicles pre-accident value also referred to as write off value.


Top Five Post Accident Hire Car Service Checks

1. Is the company offering a suitable like for like vehicle?
2. Are the company carrying out detailed suitability checks prior to offering service.
3. Is the vehicle being provided fully insured?
4. Has a copy of the hire vehicle agreement been provided
5. Confirm that you keep the hire vehicle until your vehicle claim is settled or vehicle repairs are completed.


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Fault Accident Hire Car Service

If the accident was your fault you are limited to your post accident hire car option, however services are still available.

Firstly and most obviously is your insurance company, if you have guaranteed courtesy car written into you policy this is usually the best option. 

Your second option is in the event your vehicle is repairable, contact a vehicle repair centre that provide a courtesy car service during repair.

Hire a vehicle on a 2 week contract, by doing this you should benefit from a reduced hire vehicle daily rate whilst giving your insurance company the time to settle your claim or for vehicle repairs to be completed.


When Not To Use post accident hire car and credit hire services

Firstly if the accident was your fault, or split liability is a possible outcome you should avoid credit hire services all together, some providers are only to happy to provide a hire car after an accident and then bill the user at a later date when they do not manage to recover the hire charges. To avoid this you must be honest and accurate is reporting the accident, and ensure the companies carry our detailed suitability checks


Insurance Accident Hire Car Service

If the accident was not your fault and you do decide your insurance company are offering the best service. Make your you are not going to be required to pay any policy excess, and request assurance that your insurance policy will not be adversely effected at the point of policy renewal.


The Benefits And Importance of Selecting Your Choice Of Vehicle Repair Center After A Non Fault Car Accident

It is essential you make sure any vehicle repairs are carried out by a suitable repair centre for your vehicle type. This is an extremely important matter to consider when arranging post car accident service. Your vehicle must be repaired at the centre that are trained and competent in repairing your specific vehicle type. You must ensure the repair centre only use genuine manufacturer parts, and ensure your vehicle warranties are being preserved. This is even more important if your vehicle is on any form of finance of or is lease contract vehicle. You are responsible to return the vehicle is a contacted condition, if repairs are or parts used are not to standard you will be liable for there correction.

The next matter ot consider is warranties and vehicles future value, poor quality repairs will effect the vehicles future value and can also invalidate manufacturer warranties on the vehicle.

By using an independent post car accident car hire service they will give you full control over where your vehicle is repaired, we always recommend customers use a manufacturer approved repair centre or a specialist independent repair centre. That way the work is guaranteed in the future should there be any issues at a later date. For independent consumer advice after a non fault car accident in relation to post accident hire car services visit this page link to the UK Government Citizens Advice Page for further information.


Need A Hire Car After An Accident?

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