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Non Fault Accident Management Help

Accident Management Explained and how it works

Accident Management

  • Information about vehicle accident management company services in the UK. What services they offer and when they can be of assistance to the motorist.

What is an accident management company and what services do they provide?

Accident management companies provide services to individuals involved in non fault car accidents.

Services range from providing in house personal loss recovery services, to claiming back losses incurred as a result of negligence of an other individual. Usually accident management services will only be available to the non fault party of an accident.

Many accident management companies service all aspects of car accident claims resulting from an array of accident types. However accident management companies often provide claims services for occupiers liability, accidents at work, road traffic accidents, various injury type claims and medical negligence.

Specialist accident management companies may provide specialist services which focus on one specific sector, for example at Compass Hire we specialist non fault vehicle accident management company providing service in relation to vehicle accident claims, vehicle damage and credit hire courtesy cars and post non fault accident car hire services.

What To Consider When Selecting A Accident Management Service

The key thing to consider when researching who the best accident management company to instruct to assist you with a non-fault accident claim is the quite simple.  Find a specialist service provider that only services the sector relevant to tour accident type. Services should be focused on providing not only the best available service, but also the most efficient route to settle the claim and recover your loss.

Many accident management companies simply additional offer services to help with their main business focus which is often capturing personal injury claims for solicitor's.

Many  accident management companies are in fact marketing departments for claimant solicitors practices. Some provide very good service however other will have no real interest in assisting a customer in a case when no injury claim is involved. This leads us back to the point of ensuring that you appoint a specialist service provider.

let's look at road traffic accidents, following a road traffic accident an individual may we be injured, there are many great specialist solicitors who can assist them with this head of claim. However they will also require services such vehicle damage claims help, vehicle repairs, and perhaps manufacturer approved repairs to preserve vehicle warranties. They may also require help with vehicle total loss write off claims should the vehicle be damaged beyond repair.

The provision of a suitable like for like hire car van or motorcycle following the accident for the period of vehicle repair of during the time it takes for total loss settlement to be paid out. All these services are provided by specialist vehicle accident management service provider Compass Hire. The correct accident management service will provide a comprehensive service and ensure you recieve an appropriate service to meet your requirement.

Key Checks To Ensure A Good Accident Management Company:

  • Find a relevant specialist accident management service provider
  • If injured appoint an independent specialist solicitor experienced in dealing with both the injury type sustained and the accident type. If the solicitor is appointed by an accident management company ensure the same.
  • In the event the accident is a non fault car accident and a replacement vehicle is offered, ensure the provider has done all relevant checks to make sure you are in a suitable position to receive a credit hire vehicle. It is known that some questionable credit hire companies provide credit hire vehicles to customers that unsuitable for the service. When hire cost are no recovered from the fault drivers insurance company, they can find themselves with the bill months later. Always be completely clear when presenting accident circumstances, and assist the provider with any information requested and always be transparent when requesting the service.
  • Do not be lead by incentives to place a claim in whatever form they take.


Best car accident management company

Need help after a non fault car accident? Contact Compass Hire for post non fault accident car hire, credit hire courtesy cars and vehicle claims service. For independant information on how to claim after a non fault car accident visit this link to the UK Government Citizens Advice page for full independent advice on claiming and post accident car hire.

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