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After Accident car hire

Car hire after accident how do I get a hire car after non fault car accident

Car Hire After An Accident

Courtesy Car, Hire Car, or replacement vehicle. Whatever the title what to do and where to find the right vehicle following a road traffic accident.

So your vehicle has been involved in a none fault road traffic accident, the at fault driver has accepted responsibility and you are wandering what to do next. Who to call and and how to arrange another vehicle as quickly as possible.

Non Fault Car Accident?

If the accident was not your fault you do not have to arrange services via your own insurance company, regardless of policy status (Fully comprehensive or third party) if you do not want to claim and risk a penalty upon policy renewal, perhaps using an independent service provider might be the answer for you. For independent advice visit the UK Government Citizens Advice Page, or to understand your legal rights and entitlements after a non fault car accident visit or Legal Page.

Claiming With An Independent Claims Service For Vehicle Damage

Claiming with an independent claims service has many advantages, from having a clear choice in who repairs your vehicle, the assurance of an independent engineer inspection being carried out on your own vehicle and report being sent to you directly, claiming with an independent such as Compass Hire.

For example you with have control over your own vehicle and may wish to retain the original damaged vehicle. Customers often request this as they may wish to use the write of value payment to repair the original vehicle. This is of benefit to customers who may perhaps have an older vehicle with a low pre accident value, however may have owned the vehicle from new or put a lot of money into a vehicle in servicing cost and wish to retain the vehicle to put back onto the road. This is often possible, vehicles with a total loss category C or D, are perfectly safe to return to the road following suitable repairs.

Vehicle Write Off Claims

Vehicle's registered with a Cat C loss will require a VOSA test to ensure repair'shave been completed to a satisfactory standard. In both cases the vehicles future resale value will be effected with the category listing, however engineers valuations often suggest this is of around 10-20% of an comparable unlisted vehicle. Insurance cost should remain the same to insure the vehicle with its new listing status. Clearly on a older vehicle this is less of an impact, however on newer of high value vehicle's having a total loss category listing can be more of a problem, vehicle's may not be able to be financed, warranties on the vehicle may be made void, and reselling the vehicle more of a challenge.

For customer's not wishing to retain their original vehicle upon your acceptance of the vehicles valuation provided by the independent vehicle engineers report, and remember as an independent the company acts of your instruction alone, if your are not happy with the valuation then the claim will not progress until you are. This ensures you will receive the full amount of your agreed vehicle pre-accident value. If a company such as Compass Hire are providing non fault accident car hire services you can expect to keep the replacement vehicle until 6 days after you receive payment or until such time you have cleared funds available in respect of the the write off settlement payment.

So remember if you need to claim after a car accident or simply require a  replacement vehicle after a car accident you have options, claiming via an insurance route will not always be the best option so consider your options and perhaps call the team at Compass Hire, to find out more or simply for some quick help and advice.