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Credit hire Service For Solicitors

Compass Hire Service For Solicitors and Law Firms

Compass Hire work together with solicitors and law firms in providing reliable replacement vehicle services. Our service is provided on a nationwide basis, with targeted vehicle delivery direct to the client within 3 hours of acceptance of hire request. Hire is only provided once relevant third party driver and third party insurer checks have been completed. This is done to ensure credit hire is appropriate for the client given incident circumstances and client status. 


Responsible Credit Hire Provision

Looking after the clients interest is the first priority and one shared by Compass Hire. Compass Hire only provide Credit Hire service following detailed suitability check, these include accident circumstances and liability assessment, vehicle availability to clients, financial resources, need for hire vehicle. Once our pre credit hire checks are completed and approved, credit hire vehicle delivery is instructed direct to client. Most clients are given the option of two suitable vehicle models to choose from. Upon conformation of hire requirement, vehicle delivery is then arranged at the clients convenience. 


About Our Credit Hire Service

Compass Hire post non fault accident car hire and courtesy car services are open 24 hours a day, with vehicles delivery provided throughout the UK, (from Monday to Saturday) A limited delivery service is available on Sundays due to inability to contact most third party insurers out of their business hours. We provide like-for-like replacement car hire and courtesy vehicles and operate in accordance to the both ABI guidelines and GTA protocol

credit hire service for solicitors

Compass Hire ensure all vehicles are delivered to the customer fully insured, we have the ability to cover drivers from age 17 with 3 months driving experience, and to the age of 85. Specialist cover can be arranged for drivers with penalty points or some driving convictions. At Compass Hire we always try to help customers back on to the road with a suitable vehicle whenever possible.


Working In Partnership With Compass Hire Credit Hire Service

Compass Hire also work with our partner Solicitor and law firm's on mutual marketing campaigns. In today's challenging market means we consider it essential to work with the right companies who share our ambition of progress through the provision on great service.



Credit hire service for solicitors

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Compass Hire, Credit Hire Information Pack

Full details of our services can be posted out in our new business enquiry pack. This will give detailed information on all aspect of our services, complete vehicle damage claim, repair management and courtesy vehicle provision. An email format is also available simply complete the enquiry for form to request details.


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