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Car Accident Claims and Car Hire

how to claims after a non fault car accident

Car Accident Claims And How To Claim A Hire Car After A Non Fault Accident

Need to know how to claim after a non fault car accident? we provide detailed information on the 4 main non fault car accident claim route options available, how to claim and what you are entitled to including claiming for car hire after an accident.

How does the claims process work if you are involved in non fault car accident and need a hire car

If you have been involved in a non fault road traffic accident that was not your fault you have 4 options to progress your claim.

For independent consumer advice on credit hire courtesy and vehicle claim services like Compass Hire visit this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice Page which gives full details on post accident car hire and claims service.

Claiming For A Courtesy Car And Vehicle Claims With An Independent Claims Company

Firstly we will look at independent claims company services for post non fault accident car hire and courtesy cars.

There are many claims companies available today, they will often give you a direct route to claim against the at fault insurance company and as a result avoid any claim against you own insurance company. You should always confirm there is no fee for the claims companies service as their costs should be recovered from the at fault insurance company. Services you should expect to receive:

Claiming for non fault car hire, a replacement like for like vehicle should be provided during the time your own damaged vehicle is off the road as a result of the accident damage,

Loss recovery, they should also assist you with the valuation of your losses and claim these back for you from the at fault insurance company.

Personal Injury, many of these companies will work with solicitors who specialise in injury claims result from road traffic accidents, however it is worth looking at you own insurance product as this may offer a more cost effective way to claim.

Vehicle damage and repairs, most will instruct independent vehicle inspectors to produce a detailed damage report on you vehicle, the report will cost the vehicles repair and pre-accident values, these factors combined with the extent of the damage will decide the vehicles future status, i.e repairable of write off. If written of a salvage category will be applied to the vehicle, (see our blog on engineers reports and writes off vehicles for information on this subject)


Claiming for Car Hire Or Courtesy Car After A Non Fault Car Accident Via A Solicitor

Secondly, you may instruct a solicitor, working with the solicitor will be much the same process as working with a claims company, most solicitors will out source the vehicle damage claims, vehicle repair, and post non fault accident car hire to a company like Compass Hire.

Solicitors mostly focus on personal injury aspects of the vehicle accident claims, however some will get more involved with other heads of claim as well. The key thing to focus upon when instructing a solicitor is find out what their fee's are, how and when they are paid, and by who.


Claiming For Car Hire Or Courtesy Car After A Accident. Legal Expenses Service

Thirdly, You many have a legal expenses insurance policy covering accident claims. These policies are often included with your insurance product for the vehicle, however you may find you have multiple policies provided by you bank, credit card company, home insurance policy or drivers club/recovery club membership. These often refer you to a claims company and this can have some advantages, however you have the option to claim via your own favored independent vehicle claims company like compass hire and you can still activate the policy should you whish or need to use it.


Claiming For A Courtesy Car Or Hire Car After A Accident With Your Insurance Company

Your forth option is often the first that comes to mind, but not always the best for the policy holder, the insurance company.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance, Do I Get A Courtesy Car 

If you are fully comprehensive you have the choice to call the insurer and claim on the policy. However if you do this you may have an insurance excess to pay and will often be presented with limited choice over non fault accident car hire and courtesy cars, repair centres, and vehicle valuations.

You might be told to claim a certain way by an insurance company the suits the interests, these are not always the same as yours. The key point to note is that the choice is yours, you pay for the policy, it is your vehicle or property that has been damaged, so you have the legal right to decide where your vehicle gets repaired. You must agree the vehicle write off valuation. The courtesy car must be like for like as this is your legal entitlement.

If you are not offered a service you feel suits your requirements in any of these aspect, or the of option of replacement hire car is not suitable with your insurance company, you are entirely within your rights to claim elsewhere, select where you wish repairs are to carried out. Or be provided a post accident courtesy car by Compass Hire and at no cost to you.


Car Accident Claims Third Party Insurance, How Do I Claim And Am I Entitled To A Courtesy Car Or Hire Car

If you have third party insurance of any type it is often best to go straight to an independent claims company and this will often be quickest and cost efficient way to progress the claim.

So there is your outline of routes to claim, if you need help of have questions about a non fault road traffic accident you may have been involved in, please think about your options and perhaps call Compass to find out more information on how they might be able to assist.


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