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Credit Hire and Non Fault Car Hire

To those unfamiliar with the concept of Vehicle Credit Hire, and post non fault hire of vehicles following road traffic accidents. Credit hire is the title of the contract forming the basis of agreement between the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident, and the vehicle credit hire company providing hire vehicle after the accident.

Credit Hire Car After An Accident

The credit hire vehicle is provided to the owner of the damaged vehicle upon conformation their own damaged vehicle is not in drivable condition of road legal condition, thus a clear requirement for hire is present.

The vehicle owner must not have more cost efficient means to acquire a suitable vehicle until such time their own vehicle is fully repaired and returned to them, or until such time their vehicle write off value is paid out.

Like For Like Credit Hire Cars

Credit hire vehicles are often provided on the basis of 'like for like car hire', meaning the vehicle supplied is of a similar size and specification to the owner's original vehicle. However Prestige vehicles are often not regarded as prestige by many insurers after a period of 6 years.

Credit Hire ANd Vehicle Claims Service

Credit Hire and non fault car hire companies will often assist with the damaged vehicle claim during the hire period, this is important as any delays can make hire charges unrecoverable, it is in everyone's interest to progress this aspect of claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Credit Hire Service

Credit Hire post non fault accident car hire can be an invaluable service to some people following a road traffic accident, ensuring a suitable vehicle is available to enable the owner to continue their day to day duties. This may be helped with the simple provision of a family size vehicle, or enable business to continue with the provision of a suitable commercial vehicle, plated vehicle of prestige vehicle.

Need A Credit HIre Car?

Compass Hire works with all sectors and provides like for like credit hire vehicles throughout the UK, from a range of standard credit hire vehicle types, through to specialist credit hire Vans / commercial vehicles, prestige and sports vehicle credit hire, and credit hire Motorcycles. Like all good  credit hire vehicle providers the customers requirements are priority and matching their needs.

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