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Credit Hire Companies Top 5 Facts

Credit Hire Companies

How Post Non Fault Car Accident Credit Hire Companies Can Help You After Non Fault Car Accidents

Credit hire companies after non fault car accident hire car

Credit Hire Company Services

Credit Hire companies have been helping people following non fault car accidents for many years, the primary service they offer is the provision of a temporary replacement vehicle drivers involved in non fault road traffic accidents.

Credit Hire is available to the non fault party in the accident as the cost for the credit hire vehicle provided is claimed back from the at fault drivers insurance company. This results in an effective cost free service to the non fault driver as they have nothing to pay to use this type of service.

The Credit Hire companies throughout the UK predominantly work on behalf insurance companies in providing their customers with temporary replacement vehicles after they have been involved in non fault road traffic accidents with another inured vehicle. There are conditions they must be met to ensure Credit Hire is a suitable option for the  customer.

Top 5 Credit Hire Company Service Fact:

Top five credit hire facts the check prior to entering into a Credit Hire agreement with any Credit Hire provider, whether independent or insurance company appoint, the same conditions apply.

1. Your vehicle must have been fully road legal at the time of the accident. This means your vehicle must have been correctly taxed, MOT'ed, and insured. The driver of the vehicle must of had the right to drive it, be correctly licensed and insured.

2. The vehicle accident must have been in the UK, all vehicles involved in the accident must road legal at the time of the accident. The driver wanting to use a credit hire service must be clearly not responsible of liable for the accident.

3. Credit Hire courtesy car request must be made within 14 days of the accident date unless you have been unfit to drive due to the accident. If the Credit Hire request is not with 14 days hire charges or service provision can be contested bey the at fault drivers insurance company. To enter into Credit Hire after this point in time there must be good reason for the delay.

4. The person requesting the Credit Hire service must have no alternative option to gain use of a temporary vehicle after the accident. For example access to a second vehicle, a free courtesy car service, or have the funds available to obtain and pay for a hire vehicle at standard daily hire rates or purchase a replacement vehicle.

5. The person requesting the Credit Hire Service must have a clear need for use of a replace temporary Credit Hire Vehicle. 

Credit Hire In Summary

Before entering into a contract with a Credit Hire company it is important to ensure all of the checks are carried out first. There must be a clear need for the service. If any of the checks are not met by the proposed hirer the Credit Hire option is not usually considered suitable due to the risk of hire charge recovery problems.

For independent consumer advice on credit hire companies like Compass Hire visit this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice Page for full independent information and advice about credit hire companies. Want to know more about your rights and claim entitlements after non fault car accident visit our Legal page.


Compass Credit Hire Service

Compass Hire are a responsible hire provider, part of our new hire request process in a in depth assessment of service suitability to each client. If the there is a more suitable option available we will always recommend that option as Compass Hire is committed to only acting in the interest of the client. Our vetting process may at times result in disappointing a possible new client and refusing hire, however this is always better than risking inappropriate hire. 

Compass Hire is Credit Hire company that is always happy help, if you have a need for Credit Hire call today or visit our credit hire service page.

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