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Non Fault Car Accident, Car is Written Off?

car written off after accident write claims and categories explained

Non Fault Car Accident & Your Car is Written Off?

You have been involved in a non-fault car accident and your car is going to be an insurance write off (total loss). What does this mean and what are the implications relating to the vehicle and is value?

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Why Has My Car Been Written Off

A vehicle can be writen of as a result of damage for various reasons, it could be a straight forward case of the vehicle being damaged beyond the point of which it can be repaired safely.

Vehicles can also be written off if the vehicle has been damaged beyond it's pre-accident financial value, this category of write will ocure often when a vehicle damage repair costs are assessed to amount to 60% plus of the vehicles pre accident value.

It is worth noting that insurance companies often do not pay retail values on vehicle write off settlements, valuations are of a market value, this can be often compared to private sale prices of the equivalent vehicle's of the same specification, age, mileage and condition.

Can My Written Off Vehicle Be Repired And Return To The Road?

It is sometimes possible to return a written off vehicle to the road but this will be dependent upon the category of loss the vehicle has been appointed. The category, ranging from A to D, have fixed rules associated to them which determine the vehicles future, they will also be listed on the vehicle Log Book registration certificate and will be clear to future purchases of the vehicle.

Vehicles with listed write off histories will be subject to a reduction of retail price, this is often seen to amount to around 20% less of an unlisted example, however this is not exact and will depend on many factors and the quality of repairs.


Can A Written Off Vehicle Be Financed?

Listed vehicles are often not able to be financed and manufacturers warranties often become void when listed. This is not such an issue with older vehicles or if the plan is to retain the vehicle long term as resale and vehicle values are less relevent, however a new vehicle or high value vehicle might be more challenging when looking to sell on.

So what are the categories of write off?

Category A : Scrape only, these vehicle are not able to return to the road, even salvageable part must be distroyed together with the vehicle shell.

Category B : Break only, again this vehicle must never return to the road due to extensive damage however some salvageable parts may be reused, body shell must be destroyed.

Category S (formerly C) : Vehicle is repairable but the cost of repair exceed the vehicles value, these vehicle may return to the road however a they will require testing via VOSA to ensure the vehicle is repaired to standard and correct parts have been used in the repair.

Category N (formerly D) : Vehicle is repairable but repair cost may become significant in comparison to the vehicle pre-accident value, this can be determined by a combination of factors including part availability, further repairs becoming apparent once a vehicle if dismantled, also the cost of other factors such as replacement car hire costs during the repair. Often if the damage is considered to be 60% of the vehicles pre accident value the vehicle will be written off on economical term. These vehicle can be repaired and returned to the road.

car write off categories explained and claiming for a write off after an accident

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Need Help Making A Claim After An Accident Or Need A Courtesy Car Due To A Vehicle Write Off?

If your vehicle is considered a total loss write off following a on fault road traffic accident and your need help with a wirte off claim or simply require information on a write off claim please call Compass HIre. A member of the team will be able to assist and provide a hire vehicle during the time your own vehicle is off the road or until such time the settle payment is received.

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