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Non Fault Car Accident Help


Non Fault Car Accident Help

Had a non fault car accident and need help? Compass Hire Are ready to assist you. Open 24 hours and offer full nationwide service help is a phone call away.

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What To Do After A Non Fault Car Accident

Following a non fault road traffic accident we often require help understanding the process to follow and what to do next. Who should you call, what needs reporting? On this page we will go through the process stage by stage, so lets get started.

What To Do In Non Fault A Car Accident

If you have been involved in a non fault car accident the first thing to do is check everyone involved is safe, if anyone is injured or the vehicles have created a hazard contact 999 for the emergency services to attend.

Clearing The Highway After A Non Fault Road Traffic Accident

It will be important to clear the highway to avoid further accidents occurring, however this should only be done if it is safe to do so. If it's not safe contact the emergency services and they will secure the accident location and inform road other road users of the hazard.

Assess Your Vehicles Accident Damage

Once this is done you will need to look at the condition of your vehicle, is it in a road worthy condition, it the vehicle drivable? If the not call a recovery service to remove the vehicle safely.


what to do after non fault car accident stage by stage reporting the accident

Note, If the accident is not your fault contact Compass Hire when it is safe to do so. We can arrange vehicle recovery, a temporary post accident courtesy vehicle and process your vehicle claim all at no cost you.

We claim against the at fault drivers insurance company directly helping protect your claims history and avoid the need to pay any policy excess.

24hr Help: 0800 321 7320

Calling Compass Hire post accident help team will give you access to many key services to assist you immediately. Accident recovery of your vehicle will be arranged, a temporary replacement car hire (vehicles provided on a like for like basis) is provided and delivered directly to you anywhere in the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland. You will keep the post accident hire car (courtesy car) until such time your own vehicle is fully repaired and returned to you, or until 6 days after payment is made in relation to your own vehicles write off value. These services are all provided at no cost to you.


Non Fault Accident Vehicle Recovery After The Accident

Once your vehicle is recovered to either your home address or vehicle recovery agent compound you will need to inform your vehicle claim service provider the location of your vehicle. The vehicle will need to be removed from storage as soon as possible after the accident to avoid unrecoverable vehicle storage charges from being incurred. 


Claiming After A Non Fault Car Accident

Claiming after a non fault car accident is a simple process. Firstly you must decide what which claims route is best for you. Note here this does not mean what is beat for your insurance company.

After a non fault car accident you have full choice over how to progress your claim. You do not have to use your own insurance company, you have not obligation to do so and often if the accident was not your fault your insurance company claim service can be the least cost effective way to claim both short term and long term. This is because they may ask you to pay your claims excess to begin the claim, and at the point of policy renewal 60% of UK insurance companies actually charge driver more for their renewal premium as a result of a non fault car accident which was entirely not you fault.

Your options to claim after a non fault car accident are simple, you have 3 options to claim, firstly with your own insurance company, secondly with an independent vehicle claim service like Compass Hire, and thirdly some insurance companies allow you to claim directly from them, the direct claim route is essentially what Compass Hire offers, however we act in your best interest and only upon your instruction. This way we ensure your entitlements are receive the correct services a provided. This means you not only receive a like for like courtesy vehicle, but you have full control over where your vehicle is repaired, this is very important to ensure vehicle warranties are preserved for example. And in the the event your vehicle is written off you get to agree the vehicles pre-accident value, not an insurance company. You also have the option to keep the written off vehicle and in some cases even have them repaired.


Vehicle Claims After Non Fault Car Accidents

a vehicle engineer will be instructed to inspect your accident damaged vehicle to establish it's condition. A detailed report will be produced and sent directly to you, this is often within 48hrs of the non fault car accident. You will receive a call from our post accident helpline to run through the report and explain your options. The team will will also help you with any other losses you may have incurred and help you with the claims process.

If you need help or advice following a non fault car accident call Compass Hire, you do not have to use our service and the team will will always be happy to help you.

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