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Non Fault Car Accident Vehicle Damage Claims

Non Fault Car Accidents and Vehicle Damage claims

If your vehicle is damaged in a non fault road traffic accident and is repairable, there are many things to consider when selecting the right repair centre and claim route to recover your losses. Firstly the vehicle, ensure you select the repair centre, if they do not provide courtesy car or car hire during the repair, or from the point your vehicle is considered not roadworthy, contact Compass Hire to arrange a like for like vehicle after the accident.


Car Accident Vehicle Damage Repair

The vehicle damage itself will need to be repaired to a good standard so select the repair centre carefully, remember bad repairs with have a negative effect on your vehicles resale value, there is also the matter of preserving warranties the vehicle may hold. If a vehicle is new or up to five years of age, you may find there is an expansive warranty covering many aspects of the vehicle, it is often sensible in these situations to ensure the repairs are carried out to the manufacturers standards, the simplest why to answer this is done is to appoint your local manufacturer approved repair centre.

Older vehicles often have bodywork and paintwork guaranties, often vehicle's hold such warranty for 10 years from registration. So again its worth while making sure the repair centre can do the repair to standard.

Selling An Accident Damaged Car

Looking to the resale of accident repaired vehicle's again there are many points to look at. If a vehicle has been written off by an insurer at any point the vehicle will carry a category of write off marked on the vehicle registration certificate. When purchasing a vehicle always carry out a HPI report, this not only will list finance commitments held against the vehicle but also the vehicle accident history or write off history.

Some people are known to repair vehicles after they are written off and sell the vehicle on before the vehicle is registered as a write off on the registration certificate. This can be done if the vehicle does not change owners after the vehicle is marked a as write off, therefore the log book does not change hands leaving a nasty shock for the next unsuspecting owner. So carrying out a HPI check is very important when buying any used vehicle. Returning to the point of selling the damaged repaired vehicle, if the vehicle was listed a total loss this will effect its resale value, the vehicle may not be able to be financed.

Often a vehicle with a write of history will sell for between 20 and 40 percent less than a comparable unlisted vehicle. If the vehicle is repairable then its important to ensure paint match and finish is as good as possible. And variation will detract from the value. Prestige, classic or performance vehicles will often suffer devaluation from any body repair then have carried out.

The amount of the future resale loss of value can be calculated by independent vehicle engineers and the total cost of the loss recovered from the at fault insurance company. Again this is something Compass Hire would do as routine when dealing with this aspect of claim and when applicable. Its important to look at all these issues before you progress with any vehicle repairs. Finally do not sign any repair satisfaction agreement until you are entirely satisfied with the quality of repair and finish.

Key Points:

  • Select the right repair centre for your vehicle. Understand its your choice not the choice of an insurance company.
  • Check conditions of your vehicles warranties, ensure they are preserved when repair is complete
  • Like for Like car hire should be provided during the time your vehicle is off the road, Compass Hire will provide this service to any non fault car accident at no cost to you.
  • Ensure claim is made for future loss of resale value resulting from the repaired accident damage.
  • For information on any of thses issues please call Compass car hire and vehicle claims department and one of the team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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