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Non Fault Car Accident Vehicle Recovery

Non Fault Car Accident Vehicle Recovery. (Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire information)

If you have been involved in a non fault road traffic accident and find your vehicle is not in a road worthy condition or undrivable due to the damage sustained in the accident, what should you do next and who can you call?

Many drivers will benifit  from vehicle recovery club services through membership to drivers club, however you may also find your own insurance company may offer vehicle recovery services within the cover provided on a fully comprehensive policy. Beyond these most common routes to service you may find your bank account or new vehicle warrenty also provide vehicle recovery services.

If you do not think you have cover then what to do next, if the accident in on a major highway then the police or highways agency can often refer you to their local approved vehicle recovery agent. The fee related to their services are statutory standard fees and the services they provide are usually extremely well managed ensuring your vehicle will be safely recovered and securely stored. It is often advisable use a police or highways agency approved recovery agent for these reasons, it also ensures the vehicle recovery and any storage fees will be at standard rates. There are many companies advertising as accident recovery specialist, many untrained and without suitable equipment or secure storage. So it's worth checking before instructing them to make sure you are not going be charged unreasonable fees and that you vehicle will be safely and securely stored.

Compass work as well as providing its own recovery service, work with many approved vehicle recovery services throughout the UK, if you do not have cover or service available you may want to call and find out if they can help. Compass provide non fault accident only vehicle recovery services, and if required a like for like replacement vehicle will be arranged following the accident as part of the non fault accident car hire service provided. The recovered vehicle will be taken to either one of Compass's vehicle storage facilities or to a police or highways agency approved recovery agent to ensure you vehicle is kept safe and secure at all times.

For further information on non fault accident vehicle recovery please call Compass and they will be ready to help or advise of your options.