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Car Accident Services - Post Accident Car hire and Vehicle Claims Help

At Compass Hire we specialise in dealing directly with non fault road traffic accident victims on a one to one basis and provide replacement car hire, courtesy car's and vehicle claims services. We know that at the time of an road traffic accident people can be unsure what to do next, we are here to help. An accident can happen at any time which is why we are just a phone call away 24 hours a day. We help customer's understand their options, if our service is suitable they are assured everything will be dealt with quickly and professionally and at no cost them.

Had an accident a need to get back on the road quickly? Call Compass.

We can provide in part or in full the following services to help after a non fault road traffic accident:


Further Information:

Our Vehicles can be delivered within 3 hours from our receipt of request instruction, the vehicle claims team will then arrange cuostmer vehicle recovery or inspection, once carried out repairs are arranged at a garage of the vehicle owners choice, or at one of our approved repair centres nationwide Compass. 

If your vehicle is a write off our Solicitors are specialists in Road Traffic Accident Vehicle Damage Claims and will ensure the vehicle owners receive the correct value should their own vehicle be writen off as a result of the accident damage sustained.

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