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Accident Car Hire

No Cost Service For UK Drivers

accident car hire

Need A Replacement Hire Vehicle After A Non Fault Accident?

Some accidents are simply unavoidable, Compass Hire are post non fault accident car hire, courtesy car replacement and vehicle accident claim specialists. Ready to help with over 20 years experience and 17 regional sites we provide true nationwide cover. Compass Hire are the market leaders in helping drivers involved in non-fault road traffic accidents throughout the UK.

One of the most important services drivers require is the provision of an immediate temporary replacement hire car after an accident. The hire car is provided at no cost whilst their own vehicle is off the road due to the accident damage sustained.

accident car hire

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Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire

With our dedicated post accident car hire and vehicle claim teams (available 24 hours a day) we are ready to help at any time. Hire vehicles are delivered directly to you, with targeted delivery time of 3 hours from acceptance of instruction and delivered to anywhere in the UK (Including Scotland and Northern Ireland) from local hub locations.


accident car hire after non fault accident need a hire car

Need A Temporary Hire Car After A Non Fault Car Accident?

If you are reading this following a road traffic accident that was not your fault and you are not sure what to do, simply contact a member of our team. We are happy to help explain all your options, the vehicle claim process, and if required arrange an immediate like for like replacement car hire, courtesy car or van to get you back on the road now. No cost service to you or your insurance company.

All hire vehicle types available, if you need a prestige vehicle, van / commercial vehicle, or a motorcycle click the relevant link to here to veiw service page: Prestige Courtesy Vehicle. Replacement Van after an accident. Post accident Courtesy Motorcycle Services.  For more information visit our accident hire car article explaining your full entitlements to hire after an accident.


Vehicle Claim Service After A Non Fault Car Accident

Compass Hire can also help with your own vehicle damage claim at no cost. For Customer protection Compass Hire are authorised and regulated by the financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

If you have been involved in a non fault car accident and need a like for like replacement hire vehicle after an accident or help with your vehicle claim Compass Hire can assist you, it's a simple one call service, we do the rest.


Non Fault Accident Car Hire And Vehicle Claims Department:

Call: 0800 321 7320

accident car hire after non fault car accident

Want an immediate call back? Complete the vehicle accident car hire enquiry form. One of our non fault accident car hire/ courtesy vehicle / vehicle claim advisers.

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Car Accident Services:


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Can I Receive A Courtesy Car Or Post Accident Hire Car After A Non Fault Accident?

Yes you can, Compass Hire specialise in supplying post accident car hire services. Our replacement car hire and courtesy vehicles after accidents are provided based upon the accident circumstances, and the customer's individual requirement for hire vehicle. Claiming car hire after an accident is made simple with Compass Hire

For independent advice and consumer information on post accident car hire services like Compass Hire click this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice Page. This page gives information on using a company like Compass Hire after a non fault accident. If you want to learn more about your rights and claim entitlements to a hire car after an accident visit our Legal Page. For information on the details required to arrange post accident car hire.


Non Fault Accident Car Hire

If the vehicle accident was not your fault, you are entitled by law to recover all your costs and expenses from the driver at fault drivers insurance company, this includes the cost of a like for like replacement vehicle as well as any other losses you may sustain as a direct result of the accident. You are entitled to be put back in the same position as you were before the car accident happened. Post accident car hire, credit hire courtesy car and hire cars after accidents must be requested within 14 days of the accident date. See our top 5 credit hire service facts to ensure the service is suitable or call a member of the team.


No Cost Temporary Hire Car After Accident

Compass Hire provide a seamless service ensuring you have no financial worries at all. When you appointed Compass Hire to help we take care of everything at no cost to you. All the costs are recovered from the at fault drivers insurance company at standard association of British insurers agreed rates (ABI rates). To lean more visit our how to claim after a non fault car accident page.


Car Accident, Need A Hire Car After The Accident?

We provide like for like car hire and like for like courtesy cars after non fault road traffic car accidents. This includes all courtesy vehicle types: prestige vehicles, credit hire taxi's, vans and commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. With our post accident car hire service team always available to help 24 hours a day we are always ready to assist you. Our vehicles are supplied fully insured and the insurance cover is matched to your own vehicles policy, therefore anyone covered on your own vehicle policy can also be insured on the hire vehicle at no cost. We provide services to UK residents age 17 year's plus, with more than 3 months driving experience, and hold full valid driving licenses. Need car hire after an non fault accident Compass Hire Can help.


My Insurance Cover Type, Can I Use The Compass Hire Accident Car Hire Replacement Vehicle Service?

Yes, regardless of your insurance cover type, fully comp or third party, you do not have to claim with your insurance if the accident was not your fault. Compass Hire provide a non cost alternative route to claim your vehicle damage and ensure you receive a like for like temporary replacement post accident hire car whilst your own vehicle is off the road. Our legal page provides full details of you rights and entitlements to car hire after a non fault car accident.


non fault accident car hire need a hire car after accident

Do I Receive A Courtesy Car Or Hire Car After An Accident If I Have Third Party Insurance And The Accident is Not My Fault?

No, If you have third party/third party fire and theft, cover then you can often be responsible for paying everything upfront after an accident. Compass Hire steps in and covers this outlay on your behalf then claims this back from the at fault insurance company at no cost to you, avoiding the need to claim on your own insurance policy. Compass will help you with an immediate replacement car and process your vehicle claim.


I Have Fully Comp Insureance, Will I Receive A Courtesy Vehicle Or Hire Car After An Accident? Can I Use Compass Hire?

Yes, Compass Hire can help you with the provision on a like for like courtesy vehicle, full vehicle claims services and all at not cost to you. If you have fully comprehensive insurance many people believe everything is covered, hence "Fully Comprehensive" this is not always true, You may be covered for the repair to your vehicle, and a small courtesy car may be provided by the garage chosen by your insurer.

If you claim on your own insurance and your car is written off you may not be provided with a vehicle by your insurer unless you have additional policy for courtesy car / hire car cover. You will typically be waiting for your insurance to pay the pre-accident value for 2-4 weeks which means the cost of hiring a vehicle would be such a financial burden you probably would have to do without or have to accept an unsuitable temporary small vehicle.


The Compass Hire No Cost Alternative Claim Option To Claiming With Your Insurance Company

The Compass option, firstly you don't have to claim on your own Insurance after a car accident, if you need a replacement hire vehicle or want to to claim for your vehicle, Compass will help provide these services at no cost. We provide a suitable like for like replacement vehicle via our accident car hire service, the hire car/courtesy car will remain with you until you receive cleared funds for your own vehicle write off value, or such time your vehicle is fully repaired.We can provide post accident hire only, or take over full conduct of the vehicle claim therefore avoiding the need to claim on your own policy at all, no excess, no damage to your claims history, just a simple efficient alternative way to get back on the road and settle your vehicle claim. So for post accident car hire only or hire and vehicle claim, Compass hire will has the solution. Want to know your legal rights, hire car and claim entitlements after a non fault car accident visit our legal page. For further details on claiming without using you insurance company visit our artilcle on claiming car hire without using your insurance company.


accident car hire details of service

Post Non Fault Vehicle Accident Helpline

24hr Help: 0800 321 7320

Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire & Vehicle Claims Service Open 24 hours a day. Credit Hire Company of Choice for 2019.

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How Long Do I Keep The Temporary Replacement Post Accident Hire Car / Courtesy Car?

Post non fault road traffic accident car hire and courtesy car service keeps you on the road until your own vehicle claim is resolved. We provide you with a like for like replacement hire car after the accident to keep you on the road in a suitable vehicle matching your own vehicle in terms of specification and size. Our service is structured ensure the replacement hire vehicle is arrange with as little possible disruption to the customer.

You keep the replacement vehicle until your own vehicle claim is settle. This means you will usually keep the hire car after the accident until such time that your own vehicle is fully repaired and returned, or until you receive settlement of your own vehicles agreed pre-accident value. Claiming car hire after an accident is a simple process. If you need help or advice following a non fault road traffic accident speak to Compass Hire. We are ready to help you with a temporary replacement hire car and Full vehicle claim services.


What Type Of Temporary Hire Vehicle Will I Receive With The Compass Hire Post Accident Car Hire Service?

Compass Hire provide a true like for like temporary replacement vehicle service. We ensure you receive a hire car or courtesy vehicle which is of similar size and specification to your own vehicle. We manage our own vehicle fleet which is continually updated ensuring we hold an expansive range hire cars and vehicle types. If you have a prestige vehicle (Click for Prestige Vehicle Page) Vans Commercial Vehicles, licensed plated vehicle taxi, or motorcycle, we will have the right post accident temporary replacement vehicle available for you. For full details required to arrange a car hire after an accident visit or hire information page.


Compass Hire Opening Times and Car Hire / Courtesy Car Delivery:

Compass Hire operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with full post non fault accident car hire replacement vehicle delivery available Monday to Saturday. Limited vehicle delivery services are available on Sunday for insurance broker referred hire requests. Temporary vehicles will be provided on a Sunday and replaced with a like for like suitable vehicle during normal hours of business. Vehicle deliveries are carried out between 7:30am and 8pm Monday to Friday, Saturday between 7:30am and 2:30pm. For Saturday deliveries it is advised to request hire before 10am to ensure same day delivery. Call our 24 hour vehicle accident helpline for further details and assistance with new accident hire requests / vehicle damage claims.


Car accident and need a temporary hire car after accident? What are the conditions required for the accident car hire service?

Compass Hire require hirers to hold a full in date valid driving license, we can provide replacement car hire after a non fault accident to anyone aged between 17 and 85 years, with more than 3 months driving experience. Post accident car hire vehicles are provided fully insured and cover the same drivers listed on your own vehicle insurance policy

Compass Hire will require sight of the hirers driving license and a copy of the same, together with proof of address (this can be a copy of a utility bill, bank statement or similar documentation) proof of vehicle ownership. All hire requests are subject to car hire suitability of service checks, this is done to ensure that the post accident car hire is correct solution given the accident circumstances and customers status. In carrying out the pre hire check process we ensure that our customers protected and their best interests are looked after. For more information the service read our article accident hire car. or visit our car hire request information page.


What is Accident Car Hire And Credit Hire?

Accident car hire companies provide courtesy cars and 'like for like' car hire services to people after they have been involved in a vehicle accident that was not their fault. The vehicles are provided for the time it takes for the customers own vehicle claim to be resolved. The cost of the replacement vehicle is charged to the at fault insurance company meaning the hirer has nothing to pay. Accident car hire services can be provided by independent companies or sometimes by insurers directly, these services are also known as vehicle credit hire. To find out more about credit hire companies like Compass Hire visit our Credit Hire information page. For independent consumer advice on credit hire visit this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice page for details of post accident car hire, credit hire courtesy car services 


Benefits of Using The Compass Hire Services For Temporary After Accident Car Hire And Vehicle Damage Claims

With no cost to you or your insurance company, and no policy excess to pay, Compass Hire can be the best option after a non fault car accident. By claiming directly off the third party's insurance company your own policy is not effected. With no claim being made against your own policy we protect your claims history and premium discounts and there is no excess to pay.

We offer alternative claims route to your car insurance. Our direct claim route is more efficient and provides a greater service than most insurance companies can offer and their is no cost. You have full options over vehicle repairs, you select the repair centre. Vehicle damage and write off claims are settled accurately with detailed reporting ensuring correct vehicle valuation, with our claim route you agree your vehicle value, not the insurance company. 

Our post accident car hire and vehicle claims service teams are structured to provide personal service, we appoint each customer with a personal file handler who takes ownership of you file until settlement. All Post accident car hire vehicles are provided on a like for like basis. This guaranties your temporary replacement hire car or courtesy vehicle is suitable and fits all your requirement and is of the same standard as your own vehicle.


Have A Question About Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire / Courtesy Vehicles or Vehicle Claims?

If you need more information on an aspect of our service, see our FAQ Car Accident page. This page contains detailed information on our post accident car hire , courtesy cars and vehicle claims services. Alternatively contact the Compass Hire team directly, we are always happy to answer any question you may have and help you understand the options open to you after a non fault vehicle accident.


Who Pays for The Post Accident Car Hire Service?

Compass Hire offer post accident car hire and temporary vehicles to customers at no cost after non fault accidents, so how does this work? The hire car after an accident is provided to you at no cost, the cost is billed to the insurance company of the at fault driver and standard insurance daily rates. The at fault insurance company are responsible to cover the hire car charges incurred after the accident until your own vehicle claim is settled. The result for you is a cost free like for like car hire service. For independent advice on regulated post accident car hire and  credit hire companies like Compass Hire visit this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice Page for independent consumer advice.


Claiming Car Hire After An Accident

Claiming car hire after an accident is made simple with Compass Hire. If the accident was not your fault you are entitled to claim for car hire whilst your vehicle claim is processed. We provide car hire after the accident in line with your entitlement. We claim for the car hire charges directly from the at fault drivers insurance company at standard ABI approved rates. Car hire claims should be made within 14 days for the accident date.


Need A Car After An Accident?

If you need a car after an accident that was not your fault there two options. Firstly your insurance company may provide a small courtesy car if your vehicle is repairable. If your vehicle is written off you may only be given a car for 14 days, often this is not long enough for you to settle your vehicle claim.

The second option is you need a car after an accident is Compass Hire. Is the accident was not your fault you are entitled to a like for like temporary hire car after the accident until your claim is settle or vehicle is fully repair. Compass Hire provide this service at no cost, the at fault drivers insurance company are responsible for the cost. If you need a car after a non fault car accident Compass Hire can provide a solution.

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