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Accident Car hire in 2016

Compass Hire and the changing market of post accident car hire services in the UK.

With the proposal of changes to the small claims limit from its current limit of £1000 to a new entry limit of £5000 it is anticipated the great changes will take affect throughout the claims management and claimant solicitor sectors. With the proposal of personal injury cases valued less than £5000 no longer qualify to be able to claim for cash compensation, it is proposed in future people within this group will only be able to claim for medical treatment and basic losses such as loss of earning and property damage resulting from the accident. Is this a step forward? The lines seem drawn, claimant solicitors correctly pointing out this give takes away the individuals right to claim for what can be a quite considerable injury worthy of compensation, others would argue its a much abused system and often question the validity of whiplash type injuries. Perhaps a better solution would be more stringent medical examinations and more accurate prognosis in relation to soft tissue damage injuries.

It would appear that when looked upon from a broader perspective, the financial savings assured by the the major insurers to be passed on the the consumer will quickly disappear with increase in IPT which is to follow the changes to the small claims limit. This has to raise the question, who actually benefits here, possibly not the consumer that much is clear, and certainly not the individual injured in such a way post the proposed changes.  One of the great things about the UK is its freedom of choice underpinned by a legal system accessible to anyone regardless of financial status. The changes will clearly have a detrimental effect as not only will solicitors no longer be providing services in this sector as they cannot act as social charities as the market will effectively be closed, but injured individual will be left with no access to compensation. Having seen the effect of such injuries have upon an individuals life this cannot be considered as a mild injury type.

 Changes are needed, although it should be pointed out claim numbers in respect of personal injury have actually been in constant decline year on year for some time now, however surely the correct way would be to aprouch this issue from a medical perspective rather than a financial one.