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Credit Hire Service

National Credit Hire Service

Compass Hire has over 20 years experience as a dedicated credit hire service provider. We offer full non fault car accident credit hire services and provide full national UK coverage (including Northern Ireland and Scotland) 24 hours a day.

 Credit Hire Service

Credit Hire And Courtesy Cars

We provide post non fault accident vehicle credit hire services directly to the public as well as working alongside many different business sectors throughout the UK. Our nationwide credit hire and vehicle claim services support our partners and meet their various specialist credit hire vehicle requirements.

If you are searching for a credit hire vehicle company (FCA Regulated) or find yourself in need of a like for like credit hire courtesy vehicle following a non fault accident look no further, Compass Hire are ready to help.

Credit Hire Services

Credit hire company

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Credit Hire for Business

We Provide credit hire services and credit hire cross hire services to an expansive range of business sectors nationwide. Being an established credit hire company we offer a dependable, consistent service to support our partners. We are recognised as one of the leading credit hire companies in UK for fleet availability and specialist credit hire vehicle provision.

For credit hire, and credit hire cross hire information please visit the business section of the Compass Hire website. You can select your business sector and learn more about our sector specific services and our credit hire partnership package.

Quick links to our other credit hire company support service: Business Partner serviceWhite labelled credit hireVehicle claims /  First response call handling. We also offer the provision of Onsite credit hire courtesy vehicles for vehicle repair centres. Compass Hire can supply the service you require. 


Who Do We Work With?

Compass Hire work with many business sectors, from Solicitors, Insurance Brokers, accredited Accident Management companies, to fleet services, driver clubs and Legal Expenses companies.

Compass Hire provide a full nationwide (Inc Scotland & Northern Ireland) service. Providing clients with an efficient service focused credit hire solution 24 hours a day.


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Credit Hire Courtesy Cars And Vehicle Claims Services 

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Credit Hire Companies

Vehicle Claim And Credit Hire Service

Credit hire courtesy cars and vehicle claims services are available if the accident was not your fault. From the moment your vehicle is damaged Compass Hire are ready to help you. We have over 20 years experience in providing a fast dependable credit hire service after non fault car accidents nationwide. We specialist in like for like credit hire services, this mean we ensure you receive the correct vehicle type after the accident and until your vehicle claim is completed.

As part of our credit hire service we manage your vehicle claim, this can be helping you with your insurance company claim, or processing the entire vehicle claim without involving your insurance company. Claiming directly from the at fault drivers insurance company is becoming an increasingly popular route to claim after a non fault car accident. By doing so you have no excess to pay, it can avoid damaging your claims history, protect your no claim discount and gives you full control over your vehicle claim. This includes who repairs the vehicle, what happens to the salvage, and you get to agree the write off values, not an insurance company.

Our credit hire service act upon you instruction and in your best interest, from the moment of the accident through to claim settlement, we efficiently manage the entire process for you.

Our Credit hire service is a simple one stop solution for a like for like courtesy car and vehicle claim. The service is provided at no cost to you as the at fault drivers insurance company will pay all service costs.


What is Credit Hire?

Credit Hire is the title given to the type of hire provided most frequently following a non fault road traffic accident. All major insurance companies, fleet companies and the accident management sectors use this form of hire to provide customers with a temporary replacement vehicle, often on a like for like basis after a non fault accident with another insured vehicle.

Credit hire is arranged during the time the customers own vehicle is off the road due to accident damage. A Credit Hire courtesy vehicle is provided to the customer at no direct cost as the cost is claimed for and paid by the at fault insurance company.

Credit Hire services are only provided following suitability checks. For independent advice regarding credit hire companies like Compass Hire visit the UK Government Citizens Advice page for full independent advice regarding credit hire services. To lean more about your rights and entitlements to claim credit hire after a non fault accident visit our Legal Page.

We also have a page dedicated to credit hire services, this gives detailed information on credit hire companies like Compass Hire, how we work, when it is suitable to use a credit hire service, and what is involved in claiming with a credit hire company.

Visit our Credit Hire Information And Facts Page for details. If you want to claim for credit hire courtesy car and vehicle vehicle claim with Compass Hire without using your insurance company visit our page on How To Claim Without Using Your Insurance Company.


Is Credit Hire Suitable For Me?

There are a series of factors to consider when looking into suitability for credit hire. Was the accident not the proposed hirers fault? Does the proposed hirers own the vehicle damaged in the accident? Was the vehicle damaged in the accident fully road legal, taxed, MOT'ed and correctly insured at the time of the accident? Does the Proposed hirer have access to other vehicle or do they have funds to purchase a new vehicle? Is the proposed hirer correctly licensed to drive in the UK?

For more information on credit hire Companies and Credit Hire services visit our credit hire information page for details of credit hire facts.

For independent consumer information on credit hire companies like Compass Hire visit this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice page for full details on post accident credit hire services.

To understand your rights to claim with a credit hire company visit our Legal page. For full details on what details are require to progress a credit hire vehicle claim visit our page on How To Arrange A Post Accident Hire Car and what information you will need.


How is Credit Hire paid for and what are the costs? 

Credit Hire service is paid for by the at fault insurance company. The daily hire rate is usually in accordance with ABI vehicle hire rate current at the time of the accident. The daily rate will usually include insurance and delivery and collection of the hire vehicle.


How Long Can I stay in the Credit Hire Vehicle?

A Customer would usually not stay in hire for longer than a period of 88 days. It is import keep all cost to a minimum following a road traffic accident including credit hire charges.


credit hire service and credit hire claims

Credit Hire Claims

Excessive charges for hire cost due to inefficiency of a vehicle damage claim may not be recoverable, so it is important to provide all information requested in a promptly. Ensure your vehicle damage claim is processed correctly to assist with the credit hire claim.


Credit Hire Tips

Tips ensure the credit hire service run smoothly after your car accident. Ensure any vehicle repairs are arranged as quickly as possible, agree vehicle engineer reports or insurance company vehicle valuations as quickly as possible. If claiming via the third party (at fault Insurance company) directly avoid any delays being incurred, it is sometimes the case the claim for vehicle damage, or repair, can be directed to the vehicle owners own comprehensive policy should this be available to ensure speed of settlement if the the third party are not in able to settle due to their insured. Cost are still recovered from the at fault insurance company.

For further information on credit hire companies and their credit hire courtesy car and vehicle claim services visit our credit hire company fact page, this will help you understand if a credit hire service is a suitable option given your own accident circumstances.


Credit Hire Services

Credit Hire Fleet And What Type Of Credit Hire Vehicle Will I Receive

Compass Hire credit hire are a specialist like for like credit hire vehicle provider. We are one of the few credit hire companies that offer you a vehicle that will be match your own vehicle in terms of size and vehicle specification. From the list of UK credit hire companies only a small number offer this type of service nationwide. The list of T2 credit hire companies gets even smaller. 

We manage an expansive credit hire fleet of vehicles of all types including: small cars, mid range, prestige, sports and high performance, commercials and vans, plated and licensed, and motorcycles. We also have petrol, diesel, hybrid and now our first fully electric vehicles.

If you need a credit hire car after a non fault accident contact Compass Hire for immediate assistance.


Credit Hire Company Services Nationwide Open 24 Hours

Many credit hire companies provide limited vehicle selection and limited UK coverage. Compass Hire are on of the few credit hire companies in the UK to provide full UK like for like credit hire service, including all of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Credit Hire Non Fault Accident Services available now.


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Credit Hire Questions?

If you have and credit hire question please visit our car accident help page, our legal page or contact a member of the Compass Hire team. Visit our Car Accident Questions page or the Legal page or Credit Hire Company Facts page for further details on credit hire.


How To Get A Credit Hire Car After An Accident

If you have been involved in a non fault car accident with another insured vehicle you are entitled to a credit hire car after the accident. Credit hire is provided at no cost you as the at fault drivers insurance company will meet the cost at standard abi rates. 

If you need a credit hire car after a non fault accident the procedure is simple. Contact a credit hire company like Compass Hire, provide the accident details and at fault drivers information to a member of our team and we do the rest.

We will contact the at fault drives insurance company, confirm liability and third party insurance details. Then we arrange a like for like credit hire courtesy car to be delivered directly to you. If you need a courtesy car after a non fault car accident contact Compass Hire we are ready to help you and arrange an immediate credit hire vehicle for you.

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