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Credit Repair Service

We Offer Full Funded Credit Hire And Repair

Credit repair for vehicles after non fault accident, credit hire and repair service

Need A Reliable Credit Repair And Credit Hire Service?

Compass Hire provide vehicle body repair garages 100% credit repair funding with payment terms from 4 days from our receipt of the customers signed satisfaction note. (All credit repair terms are underwritten for your security of settlement)

Credit Repair funding and authority service is available to all of your repair centre customers requiring post non fault accident car hire courtesy cars (credit Hire) or car accident management claims help.

Credit hire and repair must offered as combined solution. Therefore Compass Hire provide your customer with a like for like credit hire courtesy car after the accident until their own damaged vehicle is fully repaired and returned.

Credit hire and credit repair. Vehicle credit repair after non fault car accidents

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What Are The Vehicle Repair Credit Repair Rates

We provide market leading accident repair rates for 2019, rates are related to vehicle type of type of repair work required. Our Credit repair rates are reviewed regularly to ensure you will always the correct rate for the works undertaken. 

Vehicle credit repairs funds are paid with 48hr of completion on the job. We require receipt of your customers signed satifaction note.


Credit Repair Vehicle Groups:

Our credit repair rates start from £35ph and hour and can be up to £69ph plus for specialist, sports and prestige vehicle repairs.


Credit Repair Vehicle Repair Authority

Post non fault accident vehicle credit repair authority can be provided directly by our appointed vehicle engineer, most vehicles are inspected within 48hrs of instruction giving vehicle repair centres the ability to turn work around more efficiently and offer enhanced customer service and savings to insurers.

Tired of waiting on third party authority to repair and customer dissatisfaction, call Compass Hire and find out how we can help.


Credit Hire And Other Services For Credit Repair Funding Partner Garages

Compass Hire also provide many unique services to help gain vehicle repair centres new custom, Compass Hire also refer garages reciprocal repair work in return for using our services. If you would like more information on our credit hire, credit repair, post accident car hire courtesy car service or credit hire and full accident management packages please call.

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car credit repair for garages and bodyshops

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