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Compass Hire News Update:


Compass Hire Fleet News.

It's that time of year again, Compass Hire are looking forwards to the new fleet deliveries with the new 19 plate. As ever our full spectrum of vehicle will be progressively updated throughout the year with first deliveries arriving in early March.

This will ensure our customers can be assured they will receive a suitable like for like vehicle following their non fault road traffic accident.

2018 is looking like a year of change for many in our sector, however Compass will remain committed to providing our partners and their customers with a reliable credit hire and vehicle damage claim services.

19 /01/12

Compass Hire welcomes you to 2012 and our service news update.

This month we are not only looking forward the the March deliveries of our exciting new fleet vehicles but also have recently entered agreement with a new manufacturer approved repair centre group. Giving our customers greater choice when looking to select their favored repair centre following their non fault road traffic accident.

Changes in the industry especially for the related legal sectors fast approaching 2017 will certainly be an interesting year.



Compass non fault car hire take delivery of new 62 plate prestige fleet, vehicles include the new Jaguar F-type S, Range Rover Evoque and VW Golf GTD. With our ever expanding fleet these additional vehicle will ensure our customers have the right vehicle when required. As ever our non fault road traffic accident service is ready to assist with our fast efficient service throughout the UK.

Compass vehicle credit repair services have now been improved, working with approved garages repair authority is given within 48hrs of inspection. Repair centres are then paid upon works completion and our signed customer satisfaction note.



Summer is finally here and we are focusing on vehicle repairs. Throughout our repair network our recent survey stats have now been processes by the service analysis team with a view to further improve vehicle inspection and repair authority time. After experimenting with the concept of in house desk engineers, we found the what seem to produce a saving in the first instance does not equate to this effect over all. This is mostly due to the limited ability to appraise vehicles accurately from images alone. With this in mind our appointed engineers will revert to physical inspections carried out within 48 hours of request. The engineers all now have the facility to authorise repairs directly on site. We hope this should improve the repair authority process and related time frames.




Following delivery of our new 2012 fleet we now look to expand to a full 7 day service to insurance broker customers. Meaning vehicle hire is now available for delivery direct to customers 7 days week should they find their own vehicle in not in road worthy condition following a non fault road traffic accident. Regardless of their vehicles repair status, if the vehicle in left in a condition meaning it is not serviceable, or simply not road legal due the damage sustained, a replacement post non fault accident hire car is just a call away. Many customers are not aware that in the even their own vehicle is considered a total loss (write off) then often they will not be able to receive a vehicle from their main comprehensive insurance policy. Compass can help, we can provide hire or courtesy car when the vehicle is a write off and the accident is not the customers fault. Vehicles are delivered directly to the customer anywhere in the UK from the 17 holding site, resulting in a fast efficient service to the customer. Vehicles are provided on a like for like basis and customers are often given the choice of two vehicle models to ensure they receive a suitable vehicle for their requirements following their non fault road traffic accident.

Compass are now working in more sectors than ever before and look forward to some big service announcement the coming months. Remember if you are looking for help with Credit Hire or post non fault car hire services please get in touch we are always happy to help or work with like minded service focused companies.

 Looking to 2015 our new fleet vehicles are entering service from March time onwards, the ever expanding fleet now covers most vehicle types and together with our strategic cross hire partnerships, our average customer deliver times improve month on month ensuring the right vehicle is available at the right time.

Over the first quarter we are gathering customer feed back and conducting an enhanced customer experience survey, key areas of assessment: Customer First Contact, Hire Vehicle Delivery & Collection, Vehicle Damage Claim Experience (Including Vehicle Inspections). The results we hope will highlight any area that can be improved, and give us a more indepth view of our customers interaction with Compass and our combined service team.

Compass, First choice for post non fault accident car hire and non fault accident courtesy car services throughout the uk




Credit Hire / Car Hire for young driver and hire risk groups. Courtesy Car For Young Drivers.

Compass Hire, can now provide our vehicle hire, credit hire and courtesy vehicle services to young drivers. We can now provide hire and courtesy car services to young driver from the age of 17 providing they have a minimum of 3 months driving experience. We can also provide services to drivers over the age of 85 years old should all there licenses requirements be up to date. Vehicles are still provided on and like for like hire car basis whenever it's possible. So weather a diver is fully comprehensive or third party insured, if a young driver is not able to receive a replacement hire car or courtesy car from their own insurer Compass are here to help. For further information on our services, or if you are a you driver needing a hire car following a accident please call now, we are ready to help.

 Young driver hire car service. Young driver courtesy car, young driver credit hire services.


With major industry changes to the UK claims procedures and cost fast approaching many companies are looking to consolidate their position or secure new contracts to assist with business continuity as they move post April. As such we have been approached by many to provide our proven out sourced vehicle only claims/ vehicle repairs and credit hire services. We have also developed a selection of new products to assist insurance brokers, from guaranteed vehicle hire for both fault and non fault accident victims, to excess insurance and full vehicle ULR services, all which can be provided as underwritten policies or as add-on’s of the same.

In addition we can now provide repair funding of up to 100% of invoice value with 7 day payment terms. This has enable us to show clear savings to insurers and provide fast repair authority ensuring clients have as little inconvenience as possible, we are effectively getting clients back in their own fully repaired vehicles quicker than ever.

Further more we have also developed our monthly reciprocal work provider scheme placing work back into our active repairers and are now seeking new repair centres to join our panel.


All these services combined provide a solid out sourcing option whilst being commercially rewarding and remaining flexible to the various possible changes ahead

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